Monday, April 6, 2009

ahhh.. help?

okay! gosh.. its been like the craziest weekend.. n i have a really bad feeling that its gonna be a crazy week too.. argh.. its only monday n im already feelin the fatigue.. =(
test after test!.. assignments after assignments!.. n the homework keeps piling up.. sigh i really hope i dont forget about anythin important during this week..
hehehe.. ahh!!

okay, back to work.. lookin forward to this weekend... hopefully it would be a restful one.. =)

*will update if have the time
ciao ppl!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speghetti Grill =)

ohh gosh!! thank goodness my internet is back up and running again!
i panic-ed u know! its was like working.. then it stopped working for three days.. along with my house phone.. ish.. just as i had my group research projects for Chem and English to do (how convenient ey?) i had to stay in college until 8 PM yesterday to finish my Chem research report on Cyanoacrylate! grr.....

hahaha.. but oh well thank God that it suddenly started working today..

anyway.. just a few days ago, i went to this really awesome place to have lunch! if u guys know me, u would know that Italian food would be one of my last preferences when it comes to eating (sorry girls).. well, maybe except on very rare occassions and even so, only certain kinds of Italian food..

However.... i dunno why but i felt like splurging my money to treat myself to a nice meal (in the end also ended up treating 2 ppl) and dory suggested that we should try the food over at Speghetti Grill.. And to my surprise, i found myself absolutely falling in love with the place lor.. i dont know if it was because of the food i ordered, or the cheap and absolutely worth it lunch prizing, or maybe i was hungry, or the bottomless drinks (i love bottomless..), or all of the above but whatever it was, i really enjoyed the days lunch! =) hehehe *muahh muahh*.. ahh....
well, maybe i do not dislike Italian food that much after all.. =P

but yeap! u guys should seriosly go n try the place.. oh but go at lunch tho.. its really really worth it! insted of paying erm..around RM 70+, i only had to pay about RM40.. pretty awesome ey?

anyway we ordered their set pizza & bottomless drinks for only 9.95! (ONLY 9.95 - n the drink is like originally RM7.00)

and the awesome calamari.. n the chicken bits thingi.. *mmm mmm*.. yum yum! hehe..

...after stuffing my face full...

the company, my beautiful/wonderful dear (fish) fren (ahem).. =)

oh well.. okay thats enough advertising for the place..!! hahaha.. now dory owes me one lunch! hehehe =P i think i know where i want it. . . =D

okay peepz, gtg..
OSSLT tmw (the real thing.. sooo scwarwee)..
till the next post.. taa taa =P