Friday, July 10, 2009

Dont write a Physics ISU about Pandas

the title is a joke Mr. Anderson made in physics class.. it was funny when HE said it OK! hahaha..
anyway.. 1 week of college has gone by..


Orientation day

& meeting my 2nd sem lecturers n classes!


This sem i have 3 subjects.. okay fine.. 4 subjects (cause of Malay on friday.. ish!)

Physics, Calculus, and IDC..
For the first time, i got the feel on how studying Engineering in university will be like - all guys n no girls! haha seriosly.. that sucks! ... except in IDC class la.. =P

Physics - Mr. Anderson
A really nice guy but he speaks sooo softly and at such a monotone that u cant hear him at the back of the class!
His jokes are funny if u get them.. (physics related n u cant tell if he is jokin cause he ALWAYS seems to put on a straight face...)
And he does that lil smirck to himself after he tells a joke which no one gets!
All guys n 2 girls..
Hahaha... but i think (n i PRAY) that i would enjoy physics this sem!

IDC - Mr. Chen
Gosh! he is soo soo soo cute!
wears his pants up high at his bellybutton kinda guy! with his geeky specs! n funny pronunciations! (he mentions Charlotte as 'Karot'!) lol..
hahah n his jokes are soo "chinese"..
on the first day of class, he came in n said "All of u are gonna pass.. because im gonna pass all of u.." hahaha.. gosh soo cute!
65% girls.. =)

Calculus - Mr. Saaed
Mr. Saaed! just when u think that NO ONE can be more monotonous than Mr. Anderson, Mr. Saaed comes along! hahaha..
My Iranian Calculus teacher who pronouces "as long" as "Azlan" .. LOL..
but i really like his classes n the effort he puts in to make calculus n vectors interesting for us! soo yea .. hoping to do well too! =D

hehe oohh well.. wish me all the best in my 2nd semester! till next time! tata..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

It WAS the Holidays!

heyy blogg!
its been a long time since i have updated! n no.. its not because i was busy...

heheh ironic isnt it?
when im busy with school work, i have time for updates..
but when im free during the holidays, it feels as if i have no time to do these things..
hahaha.. =P

oh well.. here's a couple of things i have been doin throughout the holidays (not in chronological order):

1) Playing computer games..

2) Promtay.. n everything that goes along with it.. band practice n date finding (failed).. LOL

3) Making the Epic drive from MV to IOI to Sunway Pyramid to IU n back! hahaha.. it actually works out into a pretty circle =D (think about it)

4) Hanging out with friends old n new.. =)

5) Attended some Youth Camp meetings.. Camp is gonna be soo awesome this year!

6) Went for Company camp n got to know the lil kids a bit better (i think...) =D

7) Working out? *no comment*

8) Studying and gettin ready for Semester 2 (i wish!)

9) okay no.8 was fake.. LOL..

10) Made a trip to Genting! Sat on the Space shots ALONE =(

11) Made a trip to Penang with my family to EAT EAT EAT !

12) and finally.. the highlight of the end of the holidays.. RESTAURANT CITY! woohoo..
yea! great ~


anyway.. sem 2 has just started! im really anticipating the events coming up! =D hahaha.. wish me all the best!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Graduation Day!!

Ahh, graduation day.. A day to remember..

Everyone looked soo elegant in their formal wear, professionally enveloped within their very own [rented] formal graduated gowns.. The processions, speeches, and solo performance (yea, just one by Sina, who surprisingly reminds me of Jason Mraz) were all done soo aptly and smoothly, that it gave the ones graduating a sense of success and achievement.. the air filling the hall was grand.. seated on both sides of the red carpet were proud people, smilling widely for either themselves or their love ones on this memonteous occasion..

Honestly, i have never been to ANY graduation ceremony before.. yea, being homeschooled and graduating from SIS with only 7 others wouldnt have allowed me such an oppurtinity.. therefore, this ceremony has been my first.. and i have to say, the atmosphere of a Graduation is quite the experience.. i just can't wait! For in six months time, its gonna be my turn! (hopefully) - To feel the sense of accomplishment when u hear your name announced, clown your way up the stage, shake the VIP's hand, collect the scroll, smile for the cameras, and with ure head held high, march down the stairs knowing that ure time in CIMP has been completed! =) hopefully, i would have acheived the marks and goals pre-set and be able to jump around like a lunatic when i see my final results!

oh well.. we would have to wait 6 more months.. *dream dream dream*
for now, i just wanna say once again, a very big CONGRATS to all my fellow frens who have graduated this semester!! your presence will be truly missed as u ditch us and go somewhere else =P hehehe..

Chong Li Lian - congrats on all ure achievements.. eventhough neither of us got best in Chemistry.. it was fun "competing" with you!! kiddin.. i sound like ure enemy.. la la la =P

With the "Ha ha ha" (Zaleha) and the Valedictorian! (thanks Aliza for bending to make me feel taller)..

Funky Monkey *woot woot* .. wait Arman aint graduating.... nvmm.. =P

Kah Mern, my tomato fren! thanks for all ure "comments".. n sorry if i had made ure life in more INTERESTING with all the teasings.. well im sure u enjoyed it! heheh.. =)

Yanitta and Felicita (Felicia)! Geniuses in the making.. Markus4U beat ure ISU group!! whee.. la la la!

Oh Devi Tomato (clone of Demi Lovato) hahaha.. thanks for ure Calculus book! i hope i can be an acheiver just as u are! congrats for winning everything =P

Sina!! "I would like to congratulate everyone and MYSELF" hahaha.. awesome performance man! take care! =)

oh.. Azlan's camera ran out of battery.... hahaha =P will be missin ure hyperness Ayesha sha sha!!

Sovita.. my indonesian fren whose not from indonesia! hahaha take care =P

i tell u.. if i write bad things she will kill me =P
jun3.. soo pretty ar.. see all the guys soo jealous that we have a picture with u =D ... will miss u k? thanks for all the times u teman me yea! it was really really fun hanging out with u, teasing u, n talkin with u all the stories yea! take care! n remember im not lala! hehe see.. im soo nice! =)

Aiyer Wong Wan Lin.. my lil sister! eat faster k!.. Rate Determining Step.. (okay too much chem!) hahaha.. dont forget to miss ure brother when u go back to Indone.......i mean.. Kedah yea! =P take care!!

Last pic of the day.. Always the best yea! =P Kim Gary lunch group.. hehehe..

oh well.. when i get more pics from the other cameras then ill post la.. theres soo many of u wonderful ppl still missing! oh well before i leave, i just wanna say a DOUBLE congrats to a few ppl..

- Wayne Paul Simon! for breaking the ENG4U record with an epic epic 94 percent! congrats dude! u really deserve it.. =) epic!
- Yanita.. for recieving the highest award in two subjects (functions n World Issues)
- Celina! even tho we keep dissing Families, its students and teachers .. congrats on gettin the highest in class! =)
- Devi! awesome genius and fren! keep wiping out all the awards! =D i shall aspire to be like you!!
n finally..
- Jundi! haha for beating me in that highest for Chemistry award! u did well! congrats! =D

ahh long day.. k betteer chaoo ppl =) the moon is soo pretty.... hehehe.. zzz...

Monday, June 1, 2009

lol last post was April 6th..

gosh.. yes.. i know.. i havent updated my blog for a LOONGG while..


well.. im sorry.. CIMP turned out to be a whole, whole crazy experience!
one blog post wouldn't be enough to describe everything that has been happening over the past 5 months in college..

as one of my good frens said.. it was a "bittersweet experience" hehe.. (bitter = the assignments, sweet = the wonderful people)..

anyway.. the first semester for me is now over.. goodbye.. ENG4U (english), Functions, and Chemistry! hahahaa.. what a relief! wont u ppl agree?! hehe now thats its all over.. im just gonna sit back and pray that my best was good enough to get me the scores i want.. =P the "top in class" for chemistry is just a footstep away.. not hoping too much for it tho.. but i wouldnt mind if i got it.. hehe =D (sorry lil lian)

besides that, i met some really really awesome ppl which made the entire semester such a memorable experience!! soo yea.. will talk more them next time.. for now.. lets just have some pictures =D.. (sorry if i left u out.. i dont have many pics.. will update when i do have)

Azlan, me and Wayne! (awesome handsome frens)

Markus4U!! (without Markus) hahaha..

Markus4U! (with Markus)
my unbeatable chemistry group mates! hehehe..

Me and Christina..

Me and June! =D bully me wan..

Me and Shryn Wong Wan Lin.. my lil sister.. (hehehe)

Me, Azlan, Shryn, Kah Mern, Suet Teng, Deidre, June, n Leela (hahaha on Kah Mern's bday) no teasing!!

Deidre, June, and Me =D

With Azlan, Ali, and Mani!

With the guys! (plus Denise n Sayuri)

Me, Lara n her baby Sam Ganguli! (im the priest)

Me baptising Caryn's baby Jasmine.. (looks like im drowning her) hahaha..

Me and Chong Li Lian (unforgetable - highest marks) =P

Finally, with the people from ENG4U (period 2 - the sexier period).. hehehe =)

Oh Gosh.. soo many memories with all these pics! its been quite an awesome 1st sem experience.. hahaha thank you all who were a part of it =) for all of u who wont be able to be a part of my 2nd sem.. i will be missing u guys soo soo much! i pray that u will continue to suceed in life! take care ppl! n dont forget me and my sexyness =D hehehe..

anyway.. more durin the next post.. chao!

Monday, April 6, 2009

ahhh.. help?

okay! gosh.. its been like the craziest weekend.. n i have a really bad feeling that its gonna be a crazy week too.. argh.. its only monday n im already feelin the fatigue.. =(
test after test!.. assignments after assignments!.. n the homework keeps piling up.. sigh i really hope i dont forget about anythin important during this week..
hehehe.. ahh!!

okay, back to work.. lookin forward to this weekend... hopefully it would be a restful one.. =)

*will update if have the time
ciao ppl!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Speghetti Grill =)

ohh gosh!! thank goodness my internet is back up and running again!
i panic-ed u know! its was like working.. then it stopped working for three days.. along with my house phone.. ish.. just as i had my group research projects for Chem and English to do (how convenient ey?) i had to stay in college until 8 PM yesterday to finish my Chem research report on Cyanoacrylate! grr.....

hahaha.. but oh well thank God that it suddenly started working today..

anyway.. just a few days ago, i went to this really awesome place to have lunch! if u guys know me, u would know that Italian food would be one of my last preferences when it comes to eating (sorry girls).. well, maybe except on very rare occassions and even so, only certain kinds of Italian food..

However.... i dunno why but i felt like splurging my money to treat myself to a nice meal (in the end also ended up treating 2 ppl) and dory suggested that we should try the food over at Speghetti Grill.. And to my surprise, i found myself absolutely falling in love with the place lor.. i dont know if it was because of the food i ordered, or the cheap and absolutely worth it lunch prizing, or maybe i was hungry, or the bottomless drinks (i love bottomless..), or all of the above but whatever it was, i really enjoyed the days lunch! =) hehehe *muahh muahh*.. ahh....
well, maybe i do not dislike Italian food that much after all.. =P

but yeap! u guys should seriosly go n try the place.. oh but go at lunch tho.. its really really worth it! insted of paying erm..around RM 70+, i only had to pay about RM40.. pretty awesome ey?

anyway we ordered their set pizza & bottomless drinks for only 9.95! (ONLY 9.95 - n the drink is like originally RM7.00)

and the awesome calamari.. n the chicken bits thingi.. *mmm mmm*.. yum yum! hehe..

...after stuffing my face full...

the company, my beautiful/wonderful dear (fish) fren (ahem).. =)

oh well.. okay thats enough advertising for the place..!! hahaha.. now dory owes me one lunch! hehehe =P i think i know where i want it. . . =D

okay peepz, gtg..
OSSLT tmw (the real thing.. sooo scwarwee)..
till the next post.. taa taa =P

Saturday, March 28, 2009

thought organizer.. life organizer..

well let see if this method works..

listing down all the homework and assignments which has to be done..

- English - reading the "Wasteland" Poems, particularly book 2..
- English - annotating and referencing my section in book 2..
- English - finish my short story! GoSH!!
- Math - study for the postponed Chapter 6.1 Exponential Functions Test on Monday by:
- completing the practice problems in chapter 6.1
- Chemistry - study for Chapter 6 Quiz on Monday by:
- completing the chapter 6 worksheets
- Chemistry - begin research on Cyanoacrylate for Organic Chem ISU
- Chemistry - continue studying and brushing up on naming Organic Compounds (stupid aldehydes, alcohols, benzenes, ketones, bla bla bla..)

hahaha.. oh gosh its pretty busy once its listed down..
not forgettin to mention the half day in church tmw!.. ahhh..
but oh well, i feel much better now that ive listed everythin down.. gives me a greater sense of confidence and peace.. =)

but yea.. sooo hows life maka?
ohh its pretty fine, maka..
(you know somethings wrong when u start talkin to ureself)

but oh well, i guess ive been thinking and thinking bout lotsa stuffs, n i dont really wanna talk bout it.. but yea thats the awesome thing bout blogs.. u get to choose what u wanna say (but be accountable for the words u use, as a Christian, of course..) and no one can stop u from sayin whatever u wanna say.. soo yeap! its pretty awesome =D

oh oh! n today, guess what i realized??....

my distance meter (or whatever u car engineer nerds call it) has reached 7000! woohoo such a nice number.. 7k man!! 7 KAEY! lol 7000 in bout 7 months! (maka, ure lifeless... swt*)

but yea.. was thinking to myself.. how much weight would i have lost if i had actually walked those 7000 km?? hahaha.. i'd probably look like the Rock for cryin out loud! okay maybe not..but close.. hahah ish.. cars... oh well.. i love my sexy silver babe =D

anyway see ya ppl around soon then.. stay healthy! live healthy! God loves u all! taaa =)

Paroimia, the Tale of Colours.. =)

Okay updates.. its gonna be another busy busy weekend.. =)

but first things first!

Paroimia is storming into K.L!!

what is Paroimia??
- its a really awesome production being performed in FGA KL which you, YES YOU, are invited for! Admission is free.. Details as follows:

Once upon a time, a prince was born in the Golden City.

His name was Prince Elyon. That same day, the commander of the Golden Army, Kieron, led a rebellion against the King and stole away the citizens.

It had been long foretold that a day like that would come, when a savior would be needed. He would have to die in exchange for the citizens' freedom. His blood for theirs.

Prince Elyon was to be that savior.

Will he be able to wipe the darkness of Kieron out? Will the people ever be free from the clutches of Kieron?

Come and watch Paroimia.
Let the colors whisk you away to the land where the Golden Command upholds justice...
the Dark Legion threatens peace & harmony.
Is there hope for the imprisoned Grey Doldrums?
Can the courageous Blood Army bring restoration?

The Dates:
17th April (Friday)
18th April (Saturday)
24th April (Friday)
25th April (Saturday)

The Time:
17th, 18th, 24th, 25th - 2000 hrs to 2200 hrs (8pm to 10pm)

FGA KL, Jalan Kuchai Lama, Off Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur..

Once again, ALL is invited! admission is free and the show is gonna be awesome.. so, come over to watch and enjoy the play! =D

Earth Hour

hey its 9.25pm on the 28th of March now! My lights are off and im blogging! hahaha..

Earth hour.. well, i believe that this is more of a symbolic environmental event than an actual environmental saving event.. because 1 hour of lights turned off wouldn't really make as much of a difference to the environment as compared to maybe, 1 hour of electrical appliances turned off.. i believe its just a symbol to state that certain ppl in this generation are actually concern, or at least, aware of saving the environment for future generations to come.. that is why my family and I are proud to be apart of Earth Hour.. God gave us only one Earth to live in.. n we should be good stewards of this home given to us =D

how i spent earth hour?
- watched 10 mins of tv..
- came up and packed my stuffs for tmw.. hey it was hard to find the stuff!
- washed up and brushed teeth.. =) (hoped i used the right tooth brush) =P..
- msged a few ppl in the dark..
- thought about certain things im gonna do when the lights get back on.. like study. . .
- n, blog.. =D

haha oh well check it out.. its now 9.30 on the 28th of March.. and Earth Hour is over.. time to turn on the lights! hahaa =D

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

slacking... n report card..

today, we had our OSSLT mock exam (don't know why on earth we were so worried bout it) and received our midterm report cards..

well, it was just yesterday when i thought i was slacking, and yea, i still do.. college life has been hectic - assignments coming in, tests after tests, etc.. i admit that i have no right to complain bout anything because i'm not working hard at all.. just after the holidays, i feel that i've been slacking pretty much.. i feel lazy and uninspired to do the extra homework and studying.. been reaching classes late and fallin asleep in ENG4U (well not that much).. just the other day, Jordie and I were drawing our mutated elephant in class when we should have been working on our Shakespeare Newsreport.. haha.. but it was kinda funny..

- basically, its our mutated elephant-rhino-cow-velociraptor-armadillo-stegosaurus with the flying, hovering, and camouflage ability... LOL.. pretty cool ey?.. =P

but yea, after receiving my report card, i don't know why, but i kinda feel a bit more motivated to work harder for my grades and all.. yesterday, Mr. Tan said that the grades we receive today is probably the level which he expects us to be or at least, thinks we can achieve.. and to my surprise, i got an 'A' for English.. i don't mean to brag or anything, but i haven't been working as hard as i can for English lor.. as far as i remember, i don't participate that much in class, my assignments and homework are just average and usually late, and well yea, i don't think Mr. Tan really likes me.. =P however, if he thinks i deserve an 'A' for English, then i'm gonna do my best to get that 'A' in my finals.. soo yea! i actually feel more inspired right now.. i believe that God helped me to get those results to wake me up and push me to do better.. yeap, thank you God! seriosly.. NO more slacking.. better start working much harder..

soo yea, if u were interested (and i know its a very matthias thing to do), here's my results!

MHF4U (Advance Functions) - 88% (yay!)
ENG4U (English) - 80%
SCH4U (Chemistry) - 85% (i thought i could do better lor..) =P

Thank God for straight A's.. woohoo! oh, n for all my friends who aren't really satisfied with their results, i just wanna say that you have to worry k? its just the midterm marks.. continue to work hard for the final marks you want n i'm sure you would be able to achieve it!
soo yeap! better get to my work and all.. chemistry lab for tmw and friday.. read those war poems and the art, truth, n politics 13 pages.. continue my short story.. read outsider.. n yea, a whole lot of organizing and prioritizing to do.. wish me all the best.. =)

oh yea parents got home from Paris today.. soo many stories.. wish i could have gone.. but oh well.. studies first ! =D