Monday, June 1, 2009

lol last post was April 6th..

gosh.. yes.. i know.. i havent updated my blog for a LOONGG while..


well.. im sorry.. CIMP turned out to be a whole, whole crazy experience!
one blog post wouldn't be enough to describe everything that has been happening over the past 5 months in college..

as one of my good frens said.. it was a "bittersweet experience" hehe.. (bitter = the assignments, sweet = the wonderful people)..

anyway.. the first semester for me is now over.. goodbye.. ENG4U (english), Functions, and Chemistry! hahahaa.. what a relief! wont u ppl agree?! hehe now thats its all over.. im just gonna sit back and pray that my best was good enough to get me the scores i want.. =P the "top in class" for chemistry is just a footstep away.. not hoping too much for it tho.. but i wouldnt mind if i got it.. hehe =D (sorry lil lian)

besides that, i met some really really awesome ppl which made the entire semester such a memorable experience!! soo yea.. will talk more them next time.. for now.. lets just have some pictures =D.. (sorry if i left u out.. i dont have many pics.. will update when i do have)

Azlan, me and Wayne! (awesome handsome frens)

Markus4U!! (without Markus) hahaha..

Markus4U! (with Markus)
my unbeatable chemistry group mates! hehehe..

Me and Christina..

Me and June! =D bully me wan..

Me and Shryn Wong Wan Lin.. my lil sister.. (hehehe)

Me, Azlan, Shryn, Kah Mern, Suet Teng, Deidre, June, n Leela (hahaha on Kah Mern's bday) no teasing!!

Deidre, June, and Me =D

With Azlan, Ali, and Mani!

With the guys! (plus Denise n Sayuri)

Me, Lara n her baby Sam Ganguli! (im the priest)

Me baptising Caryn's baby Jasmine.. (looks like im drowning her) hahaha..

Me and Chong Li Lian (unforgetable - highest marks) =P

Finally, with the people from ENG4U (period 2 - the sexier period).. hehehe =)

Oh Gosh.. soo many memories with all these pics! its been quite an awesome 1st sem experience.. hahaha thank you all who were a part of it =) for all of u who wont be able to be a part of my 2nd sem.. i will be missing u guys soo soo much! i pray that u will continue to suceed in life! take care ppl! n dont forget me and my sexyness =D hehehe..

anyway.. more durin the next post.. chao!

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