Friday, June 5, 2009

Graduation Day!!

Ahh, graduation day.. A day to remember..

Everyone looked soo elegant in their formal wear, professionally enveloped within their very own [rented] formal graduated gowns.. The processions, speeches, and solo performance (yea, just one by Sina, who surprisingly reminds me of Jason Mraz) were all done soo aptly and smoothly, that it gave the ones graduating a sense of success and achievement.. the air filling the hall was grand.. seated on both sides of the red carpet were proud people, smilling widely for either themselves or their love ones on this memonteous occasion..

Honestly, i have never been to ANY graduation ceremony before.. yea, being homeschooled and graduating from SIS with only 7 others wouldnt have allowed me such an oppurtinity.. therefore, this ceremony has been my first.. and i have to say, the atmosphere of a Graduation is quite the experience.. i just can't wait! For in six months time, its gonna be my turn! (hopefully) - To feel the sense of accomplishment when u hear your name announced, clown your way up the stage, shake the VIP's hand, collect the scroll, smile for the cameras, and with ure head held high, march down the stairs knowing that ure time in CIMP has been completed! =) hopefully, i would have acheived the marks and goals pre-set and be able to jump around like a lunatic when i see my final results!

oh well.. we would have to wait 6 more months.. *dream dream dream*
for now, i just wanna say once again, a very big CONGRATS to all my fellow frens who have graduated this semester!! your presence will be truly missed as u ditch us and go somewhere else =P hehehe..

Chong Li Lian - congrats on all ure achievements.. eventhough neither of us got best in Chemistry.. it was fun "competing" with you!! kiddin.. i sound like ure enemy.. la la la =P

With the "Ha ha ha" (Zaleha) and the Valedictorian! (thanks Aliza for bending to make me feel taller)..

Funky Monkey *woot woot* .. wait Arman aint graduating.... nvmm.. =P

Kah Mern, my tomato fren! thanks for all ure "comments".. n sorry if i had made ure life in more INTERESTING with all the teasings.. well im sure u enjoyed it! heheh.. =)

Yanitta and Felicita (Felicia)! Geniuses in the making.. Markus4U beat ure ISU group!! whee.. la la la!

Oh Devi Tomato (clone of Demi Lovato) hahaha.. thanks for ure Calculus book! i hope i can be an acheiver just as u are! congrats for winning everything =P

Sina!! "I would like to congratulate everyone and MYSELF" hahaha.. awesome performance man! take care! =)

oh.. Azlan's camera ran out of battery.... hahaha =P will be missin ure hyperness Ayesha sha sha!!

Sovita.. my indonesian fren whose not from indonesia! hahaha take care =P

i tell u.. if i write bad things she will kill me =P
jun3.. soo pretty ar.. see all the guys soo jealous that we have a picture with u =D ... will miss u k? thanks for all the times u teman me yea! it was really really fun hanging out with u, teasing u, n talkin with u all the stories yea! take care! n remember im not lala! hehe see.. im soo nice! =)

Aiyer Wong Wan Lin.. my lil sister! eat faster k!.. Rate Determining Step.. (okay too much chem!) hahaha.. dont forget to miss ure brother when u go back to Indone.......i mean.. Kedah yea! =P take care!!

Last pic of the day.. Always the best yea! =P Kim Gary lunch group.. hehehe..

oh well.. when i get more pics from the other cameras then ill post la.. theres soo many of u wonderful ppl still missing! oh well before i leave, i just wanna say a DOUBLE congrats to a few ppl..

- Wayne Paul Simon! for breaking the ENG4U record with an epic epic 94 percent! congrats dude! u really deserve it.. =) epic!
- Yanita.. for recieving the highest award in two subjects (functions n World Issues)
- Celina! even tho we keep dissing Families, its students and teachers .. congrats on gettin the highest in class! =)
- Devi! awesome genius and fren! keep wiping out all the awards! =D i shall aspire to be like you!!
n finally..
- Jundi! haha for beating me in that highest for Chemistry award! u did well! congrats! =D

ahh long day.. k betteer chaoo ppl =) the moon is soo pretty.... hehehe.. zzz...

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Devi said...

hey, maka!!! finally found your blog!! =DDDDDD
thank's, i didn't know you write such sweet things.... =DDDdd
how's your graduation?? bet it's awesome!!! =))))