Friday, July 10, 2009

Dont write a Physics ISU about Pandas

the title is a joke Mr. Anderson made in physics class.. it was funny when HE said it OK! hahaha..
anyway.. 1 week of college has gone by..


Orientation day

& meeting my 2nd sem lecturers n classes!


This sem i have 3 subjects.. okay fine.. 4 subjects (cause of Malay on friday.. ish!)

Physics, Calculus, and IDC..
For the first time, i got the feel on how studying Engineering in university will be like - all guys n no girls! haha seriosly.. that sucks! ... except in IDC class la.. =P

Physics - Mr. Anderson
A really nice guy but he speaks sooo softly and at such a monotone that u cant hear him at the back of the class!
His jokes are funny if u get them.. (physics related n u cant tell if he is jokin cause he ALWAYS seems to put on a straight face...)
And he does that lil smirck to himself after he tells a joke which no one gets!
All guys n 2 girls..
Hahaha... but i think (n i PRAY) that i would enjoy physics this sem!

IDC - Mr. Chen
Gosh! he is soo soo soo cute!
wears his pants up high at his bellybutton kinda guy! with his geeky specs! n funny pronunciations! (he mentions Charlotte as 'Karot'!) lol..
hahah n his jokes are soo "chinese"..
on the first day of class, he came in n said "All of u are gonna pass.. because im gonna pass all of u.." hahaha.. gosh soo cute!
65% girls.. =)

Calculus - Mr. Saaed
Mr. Saaed! just when u think that NO ONE can be more monotonous than Mr. Anderson, Mr. Saaed comes along! hahaha..
My Iranian Calculus teacher who pronouces "as long" as "Azlan" .. LOL..
but i really like his classes n the effort he puts in to make calculus n vectors interesting for us! soo yea .. hoping to do well too! =D

hehe oohh well.. wish me all the best in my 2nd semester! till next time! tata..

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