Thursday, July 2, 2009

It WAS the Holidays!

heyy blogg!
its been a long time since i have updated! n no.. its not because i was busy...

heheh ironic isnt it?
when im busy with school work, i have time for updates..
but when im free during the holidays, it feels as if i have no time to do these things..
hahaha.. =P

oh well.. here's a couple of things i have been doin throughout the holidays (not in chronological order):

1) Playing computer games..

2) Promtay.. n everything that goes along with it.. band practice n date finding (failed).. LOL

3) Making the Epic drive from MV to IOI to Sunway Pyramid to IU n back! hahaha.. it actually works out into a pretty circle =D (think about it)

4) Hanging out with friends old n new.. =)

5) Attended some Youth Camp meetings.. Camp is gonna be soo awesome this year!

6) Went for Company camp n got to know the lil kids a bit better (i think...) =D

7) Working out? *no comment*

8) Studying and gettin ready for Semester 2 (i wish!)

9) okay no.8 was fake.. LOL..

10) Made a trip to Genting! Sat on the Space shots ALONE =(

11) Made a trip to Penang with my family to EAT EAT EAT !

12) and finally.. the highlight of the end of the holidays.. RESTAURANT CITY! woohoo..
yea! great ~


anyway.. sem 2 has just started! im really anticipating the events coming up! =D hahaha.. wish me all the best!

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