Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

hey its 9.25pm on the 28th of March now! My lights are off and im blogging! hahaha..

Earth hour.. well, i believe that this is more of a symbolic environmental event than an actual environmental saving event.. because 1 hour of lights turned off wouldn't really make as much of a difference to the environment as compared to maybe, 1 hour of electrical appliances turned off.. i believe its just a symbol to state that certain ppl in this generation are actually concern, or at least, aware of saving the environment for future generations to come.. that is why my family and I are proud to be apart of Earth Hour.. God gave us only one Earth to live in.. n we should be good stewards of this home given to us =D

how i spent earth hour?
- watched 10 mins of tv..
- came up and packed my stuffs for tmw.. hey it was hard to find the stuff!
- washed up and brushed teeth.. =) (hoped i used the right tooth brush) =P..
- msged a few ppl in the dark..
- thought about certain things im gonna do when the lights get back on.. like study. . .
- n, blog.. =D

haha oh well check it out.. its now 9.30 on the 28th of March.. and Earth Hour is over.. time to turn on the lights! hahaa =D

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