Tuesday, March 24, 2009

slacking... n report card..

today, we had our OSSLT mock exam (don't know why on earth we were so worried bout it) and received our midterm report cards..

well, it was just yesterday when i thought i was slacking, and yea, i still do.. college life has been hectic - assignments coming in, tests after tests, etc.. i admit that i have no right to complain bout anything because i'm not working hard at all.. just after the holidays, i feel that i've been slacking pretty much.. i feel lazy and uninspired to do the extra homework and studying.. been reaching classes late and fallin asleep in ENG4U (well not that much).. just the other day, Jordie and I were drawing our mutated elephant in class when we should have been working on our Shakespeare Newsreport.. haha.. but it was kinda funny..

- basically, its our mutated elephant-rhino-cow-velociraptor-armadillo-stegosaurus with the flying, hovering, and camouflage ability... LOL.. pretty cool ey?.. =P

but yea, after receiving my report card, i don't know why, but i kinda feel a bit more motivated to work harder for my grades and all.. yesterday, Mr. Tan said that the grades we receive today is probably the level which he expects us to be or at least, thinks we can achieve.. and to my surprise, i got an 'A' for English.. i don't mean to brag or anything, but i haven't been working as hard as i can for English lor.. as far as i remember, i don't participate that much in class, my assignments and homework are just average and usually late, and well yea, i don't think Mr. Tan really likes me.. =P however, if he thinks i deserve an 'A' for English, then i'm gonna do my best to get that 'A' in my finals.. soo yea! i actually feel more inspired right now.. i believe that God helped me to get those results to wake me up and push me to do better.. yeap, thank you God! seriosly.. NO more slacking.. better start working much harder..

soo yea, if u were interested (and i know its a very matthias thing to do), here's my results!

MHF4U (Advance Functions) - 88% (yay!)
ENG4U (English) - 80%
SCH4U (Chemistry) - 85% (i thought i could do better lor..) =P

Thank God for straight A's.. woohoo! oh, n for all my friends who aren't really satisfied with their results, i just wanna say that you have to worry k? its just the midterm marks.. continue to work hard for the final marks you want n i'm sure you would be able to achieve it!
soo yeap! better get to my work and all.. chemistry lab for tmw and friday.. read those war poems and the art, truth, n politics 13 pages.. continue my short story.. read outsider.. n yea, a whole lot of organizing and prioritizing to do.. wish me all the best.. =)

oh yea parents got home from Paris today.. soo many stories.. wish i could have gone.. but oh well.. studies first ! =D

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