Saturday, March 28, 2009

thought organizer.. life organizer..

well let see if this method works..

listing down all the homework and assignments which has to be done..

- English - reading the "Wasteland" Poems, particularly book 2..
- English - annotating and referencing my section in book 2..
- English - finish my short story! GoSH!!
- Math - study for the postponed Chapter 6.1 Exponential Functions Test on Monday by:
- completing the practice problems in chapter 6.1
- Chemistry - study for Chapter 6 Quiz on Monday by:
- completing the chapter 6 worksheets
- Chemistry - begin research on Cyanoacrylate for Organic Chem ISU
- Chemistry - continue studying and brushing up on naming Organic Compounds (stupid aldehydes, alcohols, benzenes, ketones, bla bla bla..)

hahaha.. oh gosh its pretty busy once its listed down..
not forgettin to mention the half day in church tmw!.. ahhh..
but oh well, i feel much better now that ive listed everythin down.. gives me a greater sense of confidence and peace.. =)

but yea.. sooo hows life maka?
ohh its pretty fine, maka..
(you know somethings wrong when u start talkin to ureself)

but oh well, i guess ive been thinking and thinking bout lotsa stuffs, n i dont really wanna talk bout it.. but yea thats the awesome thing bout blogs.. u get to choose what u wanna say (but be accountable for the words u use, as a Christian, of course..) and no one can stop u from sayin whatever u wanna say.. soo yeap! its pretty awesome =D

oh oh! n today, guess what i realized??....

my distance meter (or whatever u car engineer nerds call it) has reached 7000! woohoo such a nice number.. 7k man!! 7 KAEY! lol 7000 in bout 7 months! (maka, ure lifeless... swt*)

but yea.. was thinking to myself.. how much weight would i have lost if i had actually walked those 7000 km?? hahaha.. i'd probably look like the Rock for cryin out loud! okay maybe not..but close.. hahah ish.. cars... oh well.. i love my sexy silver babe =D

anyway see ya ppl around soon then.. stay healthy! live healthy! God loves u all! taaa =)

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